Presentation of hybrid buses in Ljubljana

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In order to promote clean and energy efficient technology in public transport, PT operator - LPP d.o.o. - presented two different types of hybrid buses: Belgium’s Vanhool and Poland’s Solaris. On this occasion Ljubljana also introduced six hybrid cars Toyota Prius which will be used for the work of the City Inspectorate. It caused a great deal of interest as the hybrid technology is not yet in use in Slovenia.

Both types of hybrid buses were presented at the press conference and also had test routes for the passengers on the regular lines.LPP d.o.o. would like to purchase several hybrid buses for the modernisation of its bus fleet and make public transportation more comfortable and energy efficient. But before that three different types of hybrid buses will be tested for the period of nine months. After the testing a detailed analysis will be made from the ecological and economical point of view. On the basis of the analysis the final decision will be made.


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