New SUMP Self-Assessment tool out now

SUMP Self-Assessment

An updated version of the SUMP Self-Assessment tool was launched yesterday; this is based on the second edition of the EU SUMP Guidelines, which were launched in autumn 2019.

It is particularly useful for local authorities who find themselves at the beginning of their SUMP process, and for cities and regions who want to evaluate their planning status. By answering custom-made questions, local authorities can assess how their current urban mobility plan compares with the SUMP approach.

Individual feedback is given to help identify potential areas of improvement, to determine areas that are already aligned with SUMP principles, and to provide specific measures on how to advance the process. 

The updated Self-Assessment tool includes tailor-made questions for:

  • Different SUMP starting points;
  • Planners who want to assess the quality of a completed SUMP;
  • Local authorities who want to assess the quality of their general mobility planning activities before starting a SUMP and at different points in the process; and,
  • Planners working on the regional level.

Extended feedback following completion of the questionnaire. This provides an individual assessment, advice, links to further reading, and relevant good practice examples.

The tool was launched during the final event of CIVITAS SUMPs-Up on 19 February in Brussels; the project was responsible for its redevelopment.

Try out the tool here: Read more on CIVITAS SUMPs-Up here:

Author: Richard Adams

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