New information totems in Iasi

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50 new stations and bus stop from Iasi received new prints with updated information about the public transport in the city. In 2010, Iasi built the stations to provide easy access to public transport for people with disabilities. Now all travelers can have general and specific information on the dedicated totem of each station.

The outside of the totem displays the name of the station, routes of public transport including the station and the public transport map of Iasi, together with another map showing the location of the station. On the bottom, travelers can find information about the project implemented by Iasi and co-financed by European Union, concerning the improvement of the infrastructure in the area where the station is located.The inside part of the totem gives information on the name of the station and routes of public transport including the station, with detailed layers about the plan of each route, stations reached and to reach, connections with other routes and periodic updated news from the local PT Company.All the information about the public transport offered by the totems installed in new stations is linked to the Local Transport Plan approved by the Local Council at the end of 2010. Where there is incorrect information, the local PT Company can use the specific layer of the inside part of the totem, to inform travelers about the latest public transport changes.

Author: Ninel Vlaicu Berneaga


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