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CIVITAS is all about developing good practice examples for sustainable urban mobility solutions, with the ultimate goal to transfer knowledge and experience generated to other cities in order to achieve similar results there. This includes the transfer of knowledge on policies and practices as well as on administrative arrangements, institutions, and ideas.

The CIVITAS Initiative with its numerous projects has demonstrated that good personal contacts and interactions facilitate knowledge transfer. A further lesson learned is that effective transfer requires appropriate transfer conditions. In other words, if the setting is right, a potential transfer of ideas and results can take place and a deeper understanding and learning experience can be achieved.Transport is fundamental for a growing economy and an interconnected society. At the same time, the negative impacts of transport seriously affect citizens’ quality of life. Based on this awareness, the European Commission, national governments and city authorities have set a number of targets to reduce or mitigate the negative impacts on health, climate, safety, security and accessibility. A tremendous effort is required to meet these targets. In addition to top-down actions supporting new sustainable urban transport systems, it is important to foster bottom-up developments initiated by the cities. The CIVITAS Initiative specifically supports cities experimenting with new sustainable transport policies.During the ten years of the CIVITAS Initiative, more than 730 technical and policy-based urban transport measures have been developed and implemented. In several evaluations of their impacts and processes, valuable lessons for implementation in other cities were derived.This handbook adds a more long term focus to those evaluations. It shows to what extent CIVITAS functions as a catalyst for the intended paradigm shift towards new urban sustainable mobility. For mobility professionals working for city authorities, CIVITAS has much to offer in that respect: numerous examples of successful measures that, embedded in urban mobility policies, give substance to the transition towards cleaner and better urban transport. This handbook provides access to those examples.Download the handbook „CIVITAS GUIDE FOR THE URBAN TRANSPORT PROFESSIONAL: RESULTS AND LESSONS OF LONG TERM EVALUATION OF THE CIVITAS INITIATIVE “ here.This publication is an outcome of the CIVITAS CATALIST project, the dissemination and best practice transfer action of the CIVITAS Initiative, which ran from 2007 – 2012 and was composed by cities, networks in the field of sustainable urban transport and the environment, as well as research and consulting organisations in the field of sustainable urban transport.Contact
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