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Politicians impact the behaviour of their citizens, the quality of life in their cities, and the opportunities for their city’s future. Recognizing the important influence that city leaders have, we asked CIVITA S cities’ politicians about how they view their roles in promoting sustainable mobility.

Sustainable urban mobility has come to rely strongly on the actions of citizens. behavioural shifts, participatory strategies, and modern mobility solutions are required, questioning even the most ubiquitous and fundamental behaviours, such as the use of the private car. While politicians strive to leave behind a more livable city of tomorrow, they encounter a high risk that environmentally-friendly and sustainable transport solutions may not gain the acceptance of citizens, the business community or the media.CIVITAS aims to help cities remove the barriers that prevent sustainable urban transport, whether technical, economic, social, or political. recognizing the impact politicians have, and reflecting on the advances already made by CIVITAS member cities, we interviewed leaders from seven CIVITAS cities – Bremen, Gothenburg, Graz, Krakow, Nantes, Rome and Toulouse – who are changing the way their cities look at urban transport.We discovered how these politicians view their role in promoting sustainable mobility, what key challenges they encounter, and how being a member of CIVITAS has helped them both influence and exchange information between cities, and realize their visions. Each leader shared his or her own thoughts and experiences, revealing valuable insights into attaining clean and better transport in cities.Reflecting on the successful implementations from these CIVITAS projects allows us to see the long-lasting benefits of some of the ambitious initiatives these cities have undertaken. But, the full impact is yet to be determined. Bremen, Gothenburg, Graz, Krakow, Nantes, Rome and Toulouse are only a few of the many cities working towards sustainable urban mobility. The contributions of these cities’ leaders have been invaluable, and we look forward to continued success in these and other European cities, as they continue to share experiences and inspirations.Download the publication „CIVITAS CITIES SPEAK OUT“ here. This publication is an outcome of the CIVITAS CATALIST project, the dissemination and best practice transfer action of the CIVITAS Initiative, which ran from 2007 – 2012 and was composed by cities, networks in the field of sustainable urban transport and the environment, as well as research and consulting organisations in the field of sustainable urban transport.Contact
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