LEAD launches a new micro logistics hub in Madrid

Micro logistics hub

A new LEAD Living Lab has been launched in Madrid, by LEAD partners and CITYlogin. The pilot initiative will promote a more sustainable distribution of goods to the end-consumer. This includes restaurant, supermarket and store home delivery, as well as the transportation of larger goods.

Through the creation of 'digital twins', the CIVITAS LEAD project analyses last-mile logistics and low emissions. The new micro logistics hub in the underground parking lot of the Plaza Mayor in central Madrid will facilitate the public-private collaboration so integral for a broad expansion of last-mile logistics systems. A fleet of 100% electric motorcycles specifically adapted for urban distribution will ensure the sustainable delivery of goods.

The operating data gathered from the hub will feed into a Digital Twin model of Madrid. The Digital Twin is a virtual replica of the city that, through the incorporation of real-time data, allows for the simulation and prediction of possible future operations. As a result, city planners and decision-makers are supplied with the information they need to develop more sustainable last-mile logistics models.

During the opening ceremony, the micro logistics hub was visited by a range of representatives and special guests who were able to see first-hand the implementation of this innovative pilot project. The guests included Delegate for Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante; EMT’s Managing Director, Alfonso Sánchez; and the general director of CITYlogin Ibérica, Alfonso López.

Read the press release launched by EMT Madrid here (in Spanish).


About LEAD:

The LEAD project will create Digital Twins of urban logistics networks in six TEN-T urban nodes (Madrid, The Hague, Lyon, Budapest, Oslo, Porto). By doing so, it will support experimentation and decision-making with on-demand logistics operations in a public-private urban setting. Digital Twins are a digital replica of a complex real-world urban environment that represents different processes, actors, and their interaction.

Author: Claudia Ribeiro



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