Join CIVITAS winter course in Klaipėda (Lithuania)

Klaipeda, Lithuania shoreline and buildings

Participants are invited to join this unique CIVITAS event, which will provide an inspiring learning experience with experts and peers from across Europe.

This CIVITAS winter course is a 3.5-day, on-site, interactive training event in Klaipėda (Lithuania). It provides a unique experience for participants to learn, be challenged, and to meet peers from all over the world.

This course will enable participants to dive deep via an "action learning" course that will explore the latest insights in sustainable mobility planning strategies and innovations. Participants will acquire certification at the end of the course, which will be taught via a mix of expert lectures, interactive activities, and local challenge-based case study group work.

Participants will learn from renowned experts and, in cooperation with the host city, will explore coastal city mobility, active mobility, and innovations in mobility. The course includes practical assignments to apply the lessons learnt throughout the course.

Why join?

  • Network with like-minded experts and peers
  • Learn via hands-on experience
  • See in-person examples in the host city – seeing is believing!
  • Socialise and enjoy an in-person event

Interested? Here are your next steps:

  • Block the dates in your calendar. The course will be held from 29 November – 2 December 2021, with activities beginning in the morning on 29 November.
  • Fill in the pre-registration form to ensure that you are the first to know about programme developments, application procedures, and scholarship opportunities.

This course has been designed based on the successful CIVITAS summer school, held in Màlaga (Spain) in 2016, which taught participants how sustainable mobility could result in happy, healthy citizens in a thriving city.

To register your interest, click here.
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