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Public transportation and urban nature

What do Madrid (Spain), Szeged (Hungary), Vinnytsia (Ukraine), Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Bratislava (Slovakia) have in common?

As hosts of CIVITAS study visits in 2020, they are offering you the chance to discover their latest mobility innovations and the projects they are implementing to create clean, green and liveable urban environments.

Read more below on the exciting programmes awaiting prospective visitors.

Madrid - 25-27 March 2020

This study visit will focus on new mobility services, together with the promotion of active modes. Alongside a  You will take a closer look at the city's cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, electromobility, advanced marking management, as well as surveillance and mobility management.

A draft agenda can be seen here and below. Apply by 31 January 2020.

Szeged - 18-20 May 2020

Over the past 15 years, this Hungarian city - a pioneer in mobility management - has used CIVITAS involvement as a springboard to implement major mobility solutions, including traffic calming zones; improved cycling infrastructure; new bus lines; and the expansion and reconstruction of its tram and trolleybus network.

Visitors will learn about some of these in more depth, as well as the city's approach to integrated planning and involving citizens in the process. Apply by 20 March 2020.

Vinnytsia - 24-26 June 2020

This visit provides an exciting opportunity to go to the winner of the CIVITAS Bold Measure award in 2019. The main themes central covered in the trip will be collective passenger transport, integrated planning and safety and security.

Participants will be able to enjoy a walking tour of the city to explore 'problematic' mobility areas and see implemented projects; a visit to Vinnytsia's transport company; and a bicycle excursion to get acquainted with the city's bicycle infrastructure.

Send in applications by 24 April 2020.

Registering for the study visits

To join the study visits, find the application forms below and send the completed application to Arianna Americo - arianna [dot] amercio [at] eurocities [dot] eu

For selected cities, travel costs of up to 600 Euros will be covered.

The study visits in Utrecht and Bratislava will be organised after the summer break - more information will be published soon.

Find further information on CIVITAS peer-exchange activities here.

Author: Richard Adams
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