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On 8 September the MOBI WEEKS for companies started with a huge success. More than 200 employees commuting by bike enjoyed a healthy cyclist-breakfast and a relaxing leg massage afterwards. Sustainable mobility management is one of the pivot measures within the CIVITAS programme in Gent.

One specific business site has been chosen as a pilot, namely ‘Technology Park’ and the neighbouring ‘Tramstraat’. Over the last months, mobility plans have been made for this site, in close cooperation with the majority of the companies and the Mobility Department from the City of Gent. In order to mobilise employees and to raise awareness about the need to change habits, the Mobility Department organised the very first MOBI WEEKS.During these two weeks, employees are asked to change their routine and to come to work in a more ‘sustainable’ way. Employees were able to subscribe on the local CIVITAS website (www.civitasgent.be). Posters and leaflets were made and the MOBI WEEKS were announced at a press conference. To guarantee the success of these MOBI WEEKS, various happenings are organised: cyclists can enjoy a nice breakfast, followed by a leg massage, car-poolers can drive their car into the CIVITAS carwash, and the red carpet is unrolled for public transport users, they also get free newspapers.On 18 September, the MOBI WEEKS’ participants are rewarded with lots of attractive prices during the closing event at lunch time. And last, but not least, the total number of kilometres from and to work are sponsored by the employers. The money is donated to the environmental organisation ‘Natuurpunt’.For more information, visit www.civitasgent.be.




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