Eco car wash in Szczecinek

CIVITAS Initiative

With the opening of an ‘eco car wash’ facility, another link in the chain of sustainable transport changes is added in Szczecinek. This modern cleaning facility is a good example of the comprehensive approach taken by the Municipality, and it will be shown to all citizens during the forthcoming campaigns promoting public transport in the city.

Being environmentally friendly is not an easy task, and involves many activities in various fields. In transport, this means not only introducing gas-powered buses, but also ensuring that no part of the operation will be harmful to the environment.That is why it is so important to run an ecological vehicle wash point, working with closed water circulation which recovers 80% of the water. The car wash is designed to clean all types of vehicles, vans, buses, standard, articulated and double-deck, trucks, tanks, not exceeding the dimensions: width 2.70 m, height 4.20 m and length 18.5 m. The wash has several wash cycles, depending on the type of vehicle, and an additional feature - the washing of the chassis.The car wash is part of the city's “Clean” minibus fleet implementation CIVITAS measure. Three gas powered minibuses were successfully put into operation a few weeks ago by KMSZ - the public transport operator in Szczecinek. The eco car wash facility now provides the completion of a fully sustainable service in the city. All of the work done in the area of public transport will be demonstrated to local citizens and visitors during the planned campaigns to promote public transport and a more sustainable mobility lifestyle in the city.

Author: Lucia Cristea



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