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The city of Ústí nad Labem has been busy improving services provided to cyclists in as part of one of its CIVITAS measures. A web portal with cycling information was introduced and is currently available as a trial version, while citizens were asked to send their comments and feedback on the web page to determine where improvements can be made.

The cycle web portal provides information about cycling opportunities, cycle services and areas of interest for tourists in the Ústí region. It includes interactive maps of cycle routes in the area, which provide the following information:1) Detailed characteristics of individual cycle routes.2) Safety issues in terms of traffic on the route, description of its surface, warning about narrow sections, steep hills and other safety risks - shown by warning marks on the map, critical points are presented with comments and pictures.3) Quality of the cycling network according to suitability for in-line skating, road bikes, track bikes, mountain bikes or leading the bike on foot (over obstructions etc.) - shown in various colors on the map.4) Videos from each section of the cycle route, which are recorded by a camera attached to a bike and allow users to view the route - shown in a separate window, while the mark moves on the map according to the current position on the corresponding cycle route. It is possible to choose the direction the route takes. 5) Technical equipment, such as cycle stands, rest areas and services with a corresponding photo gallery.6) Interesting locations in the area - presented with a description text and pictures from the locality.7) Links to other web sites.Data for the cycle web site is still being gathered and the information provided will be gradually improved and further updated. The website is available at:

Author: Katerina Oktabcova


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