CIVITAS SUNRISE brings cargo bikes to Bremen

Cargo Bike in Bremen

Under the motto "Cargo bike for everyone," the campaign started on Monday 10 February. Citizens will now able to rent the bikes for one to three days and make their urban traveling more sustainable.

The initiative arose within the context of a new partnership between SUNRISE project partner the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and the German Bicycle Association (ADFC).

Specifically, it is linked to the latter's Fietje project. This free cargo bike project of ADFC-Bremen has been running for two years.

It depends on the support of partners and donations. SUNRISE will start supporting Fietje to provide mobility alternatives to cars with a wide range of offers. It will thus relieve the pressure on the roads in the Hulsberg area.

SUNRISE-Fietje cooperation plans to extend its cooperation by enlarging the cargo bike fleet and making them available in the neighbourhood in the long term.

Read more in the press release here (in German) and on the Fietje project.

Learn more about SUNRISE's other activities in Bremen on this page (only available in German).

Author: Richard Adams


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