CIVITAS Mobility Match session series kicks-off 30 September 2021!

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On 30th September, the first of three CIVITAS Mobility Match sessions will take place.

The Match sessions, which are organised as part of the CIVITAS initiative, aim to introduce a small group of cities to existing, topic-specific tools in a practical manner. More specifically, each session will elaborate on how selected tools work, as well as walk participating mobility practitioners and city staff from related planning departments through their application. To ensure successful knowledge transfer, each of the tools will be presented by their respective tool owner.

Beyond introducing cities to useful tools, the sessions will create an open space where cities can partake in a conversation together with other cities and tool owners about helpful tools for sustainable urban mobility planning.

The three CIVITAS Mobility Match sessions and their topics are:
•    Session 1 – Active mobility  (formerly 'Car-independent lifestyles')
•    Session 2 – Integrated and inclusive planning  (formerly 'Mobility management and integrated planning')
•    Session 3 – Collective passenger transport and shared mobility  (formerly 'Collective passenger transport')

In addition, safety and security is a horizontal topic that was considered across some of these sessions.

Each session will showcase three tools that have been selected from the CIVITAS Tool Inventory. The tools have been selected according to the relevance of a tool for the topic, clarity of the method, level of long-term support for a city, and user-friendliness.

The cities that will participate in the sessions were selected based on the applications that were submitted during the call for applications, launched earlier this year. As part of the application form, applicants were asked to provide information on the mobility-related challenges their cities face and to select, from a predefined list drawn from the CIVITAS thematic areas, topics that they are interested in learning more about.

The outcomes of the discussions and any recommendations concluded as a result will be uploaded on the CIVITAS website, to enable other interested cities to learn more about the tools and make use of them. The sessions will also be recorded and uploaded on the CIVITAS YouTube channel as well, for anyone interested to watch.

Beyond just awareness-raising, the CIVITAS Mobility Match sessions will also include a follow-up component for participating cities from the relevant group. This follow-up will offer one-to-one support, which could include checking in with cities interested in applying the tools to see if they need further guidance or to getting feedback on how application is going. The exact form the support will take will be determined together with the cities.

Stay tuned for more information about the CIVITAS Mobility Match sessions!

Author: Elma Meskovic

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