CIVITAS market-ready mobility solutions on show


At last months's Urban Mobility Days in Seville, Spain, the CIVITAS Initiative provided inspiration during the coffee breaks by hosting interactive mobility AGORA sessions. Innovators presented their market-ready mobility solutions developed within CIVITAS projects through pitches around the AGORA stage.  For those who attended and want to find out more, or for those who missed out but want to catch up, below is an overview of the mobility solutions presented:

Model Suite

The Harmony project's Model Suite is a next generation digital twin platform integrating spatial and transport models for strategic, tactical and operational planning of passengers and freight. HARMONY offers hundreds of KPIs to support decision-making and has been tested in several European cities such as Rotterdam, Oxfordshire, Turin and Athens.


The MobyApp  - also developed within Harmony - is a software as a service platform for travel demand data collection consisting of a mobile app (iOS and Android) and a survey creation and management system. MobyApp allows the automatic creation of citizens’ activities and travel diaries, the creation of surveys, the incorporation of nudging techniques or incentives, and the monitoring and management of data collection processes personalised to the needs of each project’s objectives. 

Pollution Monitoring Device

NEMO’s Pollution Monitoring Device is an autonomous remote sensing system to measure exhaust emission from road and rail vehicles under real driving conditions. By using laser technology for measuring exhaust emissions from traffic, this technology ensures better accuracy, sensitivity, stability, and cost effectiveness of measurements.

Noise Monitoring Device

NEMO’s Noise Monitoring Device is also an autonomous remote sensing system to measure noise emission from road and rail vehicles under actual driving conditions. This device allows the identification of individual road vehicles' or train wagons' noise emissions within a traffic stream, without interrupting the traffic flow and while separating the noise origin from engine acceleration or tyre-road-interaction.


The ParkPAD tool, developed by Park4SUMP, provides guidance to cities on their urban parking policies, allowing the improvement of current policies while planning for various future policy goals. ParkPAD presents innovative way of checking in, prioritizing and updating parking policies, introducing a consensus building process across stakeholders in a highly contentious topic as parking.

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