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Lessons learned during the planning, implementation and operation phases of the activities of the 17 demonstration cities within CIVITAS II (2005 - 2009) are summarised in twelve Policy Advice Notes and give an idea on how to cope with urban transport problems which cities of the European Union have to face in the future.

To counteract the main urban traffic problems, such as congestion, air pollution and green house gas emissions, poor quality of public transport as well as inadequate roadsafety conditions, cities can implement various sustainable transport measures.Within CIVITAS II (2005 - 2009), cities, which were supported by the European Commission to demonstrate sustainable transport measures, were able to implement different measure types, including supportive, technical and car restrictive measures.Recommendations and instructions for a successful implementation of each measure type are given in the following twelve CIVITAS II Policy Advice Notes:Achieving more efficient car useCleaner vehicles and alternative fuelsCycle-friendly citiesIntegration of parking and access managementLogistics and freight distributionSmart mobility management measuresPrioritisation of public transport in citiesPromoting a new mobility culture in citiesInnovative information systems for public transportInnovative ticketing systems for public transportEnhancing the quality of public transport servicesInformation technology services for traffic controlPlease feel free to download the CIVITAS II Policy Advice Notes to learn more about the achievements of CIVITAS II.

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