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An abundance of information about CIVITAS is available in reports, brochures or simply via mouse clicks on the CIVITAS website. The vast majority of this information is available in English. Within the EU, English is the language spoken the most. However, more than 50% of all EU citizens do not speak English and the language barrier is an often stated barrier - particularly also in the German Language Area - to get involved in EU projects. Next to English (49%), German (35%) is the second-most spoken language overall in the EU.

Considering that about 100 Mio people are living in the German Language Area (about 20% of the EU population), Rupprecht Consult and Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR are organising know-how transfer - gained in CIVITAS - on innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions.This transfer of knowledge is primarily directed at cities within the German Language Area - an area comprising the entire territories of Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein as well as the German speaking parts of Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy.First steps of these activities are taken by organising CIVITAS workshops in the cities of Leoben and Villach, Austria, and in the course of the 49th assembly of the German-Austrian URBAN Network. Both workshops are organised in cooperation with the CIVITAS city of Graz, who is one of the most experienced European cities in the field of sustainable urban mobility solutions.For any questions regarding a possible CIVITAS workshop in your German language speaking city, please contactMr Frank WEFERING, Rupprecht Consult (for DE, LU, BE, CH) orMr Fred DOTTER, Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR (for AT, LI, South Tyrol)
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