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CIVINET Greece-Cyprus is the Greek-speaking local CIVITAS network, which is also an ELTIS National Multiplier and a key partner of the Urban Transports Community of Interreg MED. It includes about 120 municipalities and six regions as members, and is supported by four Ministries, eight governmental organisations, and 35 scientific bodies.

During the first three years of CIVINET Greece-Cyprus operation, dozens of diverse local and regional authorities have benefited from its actions. Some of the benefits include:

  1. All Greek municipalities benefited from an “Urban Street Redesign Manual”, which was published in 2019 by the Management Organisation Unit of Development Programmes, with support from the Ministry of Environment, NTUA, and CIVINET Greece-Cyprus.
  2. All Greek and Cypriot municipalities benefited by the translation of the ELTIS UVAR and SUMP Topic Guide.
  3. Thanks to a CIVINET Greece-Cyprus proposal, 162 Greek municipalities benefitted from the Green Fund / Ministry of Environment “SUMP Elaboration Funding Programme” (€9.5 million).
  4. The regions of Crete and Attica, and the municipalities of Rethymno and Larnaca benefited from their participation in the INCIRCLE project (Interreg MED).
  5. The municipalities of Larnaca, Larissa and Pallini benefited from their participation in the URBAN TRANSPORTS project (Interreg MED).
  6. The Municipality of Kaisariani benefited from its participation in the project The Path of Memories (Actors of Urban Change).
  7. The Development Agency of Karditsa S.A. co-organised a Conference on Sustainable Mobility alongside CIVINET Greece-Cyprus, which was approved to receive €15,000 from the Green Fund.
  8. The municipalities of Sifnos, Kea, Kythnos, Naxos, Thebes, Nea Filadelfeia-Nea Chalkidona, Agios Dimitrios, Vyronas, Nikaia-Rentis, and Keratsini-Drapetsona all benefited from direct CIVINET support as they elaborated their SUMPs. More information can be found at
  9. Tens of municipalities in Greece and Cyprus benefited from in-person and online workshops and webinars, organised in collaboration with ELTIS and various other national institutions and organisations (universities, ministries, experts, etc.).
  10. Every Greek and Cypriot municipality and mobility practitioner can benefit from the everyday operation of the CIVINET Greece-Cyprus Facebook group, which serves as an active online Forum.

There are several platforms and ways in which you can interact with CIVINET Greece-Cyprus. For more information check out the CIVINET's webpage, blog, Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, or Youtube channel.
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