CityChangerCargoBike releases ‘A Guide to Planning Cycle Logistics Hubs’


Image by Jakub Ditrich

Used for a multitude of purposes, this sustainable mode of transportation is also being harnessed by delivery companies in several cities across Europe. This guide aims to inspire a move towards cyclelogistics cargo bike hubs by providing readers with a detailed glimpse into their development.

CityChangerCargoBike (CCCB), a CIVITAS project that builds on the limitless potential of cargo bikes and promotes their use across all sectors of life, begins its planning guide by defining what a cyclelogistics hub is and how they are used as delivery structures. It explains that the deliveries that come in and out of cyclelogistics hubs are often small and time-critical shipments—a delivery type that is quickly growing in dense residential neighbourhoods.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, online purchases like food, clothing, electronics and home accessories have skyrocketed. Cyclelogistics hubs are well-equipped to process these types of orders.

Readers are provided with a full picture of the ideal cyclelogistics hub, and the elements that must be addressed in order to get there. Plenty of advanced planning is vital for successful implementation. This includes identifying funding, stakeholders and an appropriate space to host the hub. The appropriate type of hub must also be chosen—semi-stationary or stationary—and a management model. Establishing key targets and involving the public is also key for realisation.

A Guide to Planning Cycle Logistics Hubs is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about their potential and how they can contribute to a more sustainable mobility model.



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