Citizens of Koprivnica support the implementation of public transport and car-sharing

As part of the CIVITAS DYN@MO project's evaluation process, the initial survey on urban mobility pattern in Koprivnica was conducted in October 2013. 474 citizens took part in the survey, which was conducted via electronic mail and face-to-face questionnaire. This combination of methods ensured adequate representation of citizens of all age groups, from various parts of the town and neighboring settlements.

Citizens described their transport habits, expressed their opinions on the state of the transport infrastructure and mobility management in Koprivnica and assessed the acceptability of proposed solutions for improving transport sustainability in the city.

According to unofficial results, nearly 50% of all citizens' daily trips are made on foot or by bicycle, although a large majority of population have access to a motorized vehicle for the same purposes.  Citizens are generally satisfied with transport infrastructure, even though they believe that the city authority should improve their public participation practice. Likewise, they admit there is a need for citizens to get more actively engaged in mobility measures planning and implementation.

Almost 70 % of survey participants would be willing to use public transport under appropriate conditions, while the interest in the implementation of a car-sharing system was even more pronounced.

The survey results will be carefully analyzed in the process of development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the City of Koprivnica. The second round of the survey will be conducted in early spring 2014, when weather conditions are expected to influence the results in a much more pronounced way. In addition to the survey, a comprehensive evaluation of the current mobility situation will include a traffic count and an analysis of existing documents and data. The following round of public consultations will be used in the development of the common vision of sustainable mobility for the city.

Author: Helena Hećimović




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