Charging Points in Brighton and Hove encourage firms to go electric

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Two Brighton & Hove businesses have got the power. They have both switched to using electric vehicles to take advantage of free power provided at the council’s new on-street charging points.

Martin Lawrence of Lawrence Art Supplies uses a vintage milk float, while Darren Kis of Swat Marketing favours a modern Mega van. Martin uses his 1947 Brush Pony to move goods and recyclable materials around for his arts supplies business. He says: “I bought it for £2,500 and use it because it’s environmentally friendly with very cheap insurance”.Darren uses his Mega van for delivering printed marketing materials such as flyers and posters. His reasons for going electric are simple: “It’s down to free power. I’m saving about £2,000 a year in fuel costs so it’s going to pay for itself pretty quickly”. Both men are helping a Brighton & Hove City Council drive to get more businesses using electric vehicles. Registration is free for the first 25 applicants. Both the parking and the electricity used to charge up the cars will be free during a trial period.There are currently chargers near Brighton Town Hall and the Level. More are being installed after Christmas, on Madeira Drive and in Withdean Road.For information about electric charging points go to


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