Sustainable regional mobility plan (SRMP) in touristic regions


The main goal of this measure was to develop and implement a Sustainable Mobility Plan for the Autonomous Region of Madeira (SUMP ARM), taking into account the needs of residents and tourists. Based on the outcomes of the SUMP ARM, the local partners and the municipalities initiated the implementation of some actions along the project.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Strategic Transport Network Design Study

The Regional government first presented the Strategic Regional Integrated Transport Plan (PIETRAM) in May 2016. Based on the PIETRAM, the Directorate of Economy and Transport subcontracted a Strategic Transport Network Design Study, to carry out the pre-dimensioning of the public road passenger transport service network of the Region. The study was used as the backbone of the international inter-urban tender process, awarded beyond DESTINATIONS.


The SUMP ARM, approved in June 2019, defined a common strategy for mobility, tourism and other macro policy topics. The Plan provided the regional government with an instrument that links the short-, medium- and long-term strategies for infrastructure and transport development, improving accessibility and providing more sustainable mobility options. During the project, the local partners and the municipalities initiated the implementation of foreseen mobility actions.

Price reduction of the urban and interurban monthly passes

During the development of the SUMP ARM, the Regional Government studied population needs and concluded that the passes prices were an obstacle to the PT use. Hence, in April 2019, the prices of the monthly passes were reduced from €45,80 to €30,00, whilst an interurban pass was reduced from €57,00 and €130,00 to 40,00€. With the cost of a monthly urban pass representing 7,5% of the minimum monthly wage, the pricing’s impact on families’ budgets was clear. In May 2021, SRETC launched a wide PT promotional campaign with all the regional PT operators.

Managing mobility during big events

After the conclusion of the SUMP ARM, followed the elaboration of the Traffic Plans for tourists’ events (PURMET). The plans define an integrated strategy for the management of mobility to improve accessibility. All mobility entities (PT, tourism, mobility operators) have at their disposal a set of orientations on how to operate on such events, considering locals and visitor’s needs.

In parallel, Horários do Funchal (HF), the main PT operator, implemented dedicated PT promotional campaigns during big events, to reduce the use of private modes and the congestion. Whilst municipalities were considering traffic issues when planning the events. Potential mitigation measures include closing roads during such events and restricting access to PT.

Launch of a web-based platform for better involvement of citizens and tourists

Due to several technical constrains and delays, only in 2021 HF and SRETC started working together to develop the new mobility and tourism platform, together with the HF’s website, mobile app (MAD7.3 and MAD7.4) The objective is to have a single platform that contains all vital mobility-related information. The official launch of the solutions is planned to late 2021.

Tourist/mobility info point and app in Funchal

The Municipality of Funchal (CMF) had a tourist mobility point on one of the busiest streets in Funchal. However, in keeping with modern times and as a result of the SUMP, CMF developed a mobile app that contain information related to tourism, road works, the public transport network, and other services. It is geared at tourists and residents and constantly updated.

More information


  • Increase of 32.4% of tourists and locals using PT as transport mode to big events, between 2017 (84.987 passengers) and 2019 (112.565 passengers);
  • 8% new public transport clients after the tariff reduction in 2019;
  • Tariff reduction action perceived as very important for the society in 2019, rated 4,30 (scale 1 – less important; 5 - most important);
  • The mobility and tourism app counted 1,245 registered users in February 2021.
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