Smart parking management system for Valletta

Basic Information

Mobility solution ID

MAL 6.4



The main goal of this measure was the installation of sensors in a specific off-street parking area in the city of Valletta (Hastings Parking) to manage the demand and supply of parking in the city. The Valletta Local Council (VLC) is responsible for the management and implementation of the measure, supported by TM and UoM.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Brief overview

Access to Valletta by car is limited by road pricing, extensive pedestrianisation and relatively few parking spaces. Car drivers today access the city and cruise for a long time to try and find a space. This causes congestion, pollution and excessive waste of resources and time. The innovative parking management solution being piloted has the potential to inform the driving public as well as reduce the impacts of transport through parking management. The measure includes the implementation of an overall solution with sensors, wireless technology, and servers and software able to handle the parking management of part of the city parking spaces.

Stakeholder Involvement

In the months preceding the second tender publication, meetings with stakeholders were held in order to present the results from on-site parking surveys and refine the various parking management options for Valletta, with the support of experts. The outputs from these meetings were invaluable in the preparation of the tender specifications.

Learning outcomes

The experience being gained through this pilot with parking management through different types of sensors at Hastings parking area in Valletta can be used to inform and encourage other Local Councils to look for a way to address parking concerns. Innovative parking management solutions have the potential to inform the driving public as well as reduce the impacts of transport through parking management around the island.
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