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The cities of Portoferraio and Rio are the only two ports on the Elba Island. As they were built in the 16th century, their roads are unsuitable for the high number of private and commercial vehicles that disembark from ferries coming to the island, especially in the tourist season.

During the summer, road traffic has become so extensive that it became necessary to improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians. This was done by installing new or modernising existing footpaths and crossings along the main urban roads.

Implementing sustainable mobility


This measure aims to increase accessibility and safety for residents and tourists by identifying the most used roads and installing new crossings and roundabouts there, or renewing the safety signage where this already exists.


In order to implement this measure, the two municipalities undertook the following steps:

  • The identification of dangerous pedestrian crossings, by taking into account the statistics of pedestrian-related accidents and the direct experience of civil associations;
  • Planning the most suitable safety solutions according to national road traffic law;
  • The selection of subcontractors and implementation of the planned safety actions;
  • Data collection and evaluation of the measures’ results, in terms of decrease of the number of accidents and injured people, as well as the impacts on traffic circulation and safety.

In Portoferraio, new illuminated road crossings were installed at the historical entrances to the city. Moreover, thanks to the cooperation with the Port Authority, more crossings and roundabouts were created in the harbour area.

In Rio, a raised pedestrian crossing made of prefabricated material was installed on the main road dividing the historic centre. This meant the two most densely populated districts of the city were safely connected. In addition, other traditional crossings were installed along the main provincial road.

Connection to other measures

Enhancing the accessibility and safety of urban pedestrian crossings also complements other measures, such as the design and improvement of pedestrian and cycle routes, in order to encourage active mobility in urban areas.


Improved accessibility and safety

Interviews conducted with residents and police officers about the number of incidents nearly resulting in accidents in the urban area showed that local people feel more secure following the installation of new and safer road crossings.

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