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The full potential of intermodality between public transport modes is not likely to be reached as long as passengers are unable to plan their journeys easily. The measure was included because passengers will benefit from getting information on their own about the routes, connections and inter-modal transport.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The objective of the measure is to create a website that comprises information on public transport in Iasi and on modes of transport between the city and other destinations in the country, in order to be able to plan a journey in advance using this portal and to improve the quality and reliability of public transport services. The Municipality of Iasi planned to create a website where information on transport services in the city and between the city and other locations is provided.


The Municipality of Iasi has created the website where information on transport services in the city and between the city and other locations is provided. The site is divided at informational level into two main sections: a transport planner (which is displayed permanently on the left side of all pages for fast access, together with a map of the transport lines belonging to the public operator) and a section comprising information on different modes of transport people have access to from within the city.


61% of the interviewees were aware of the website and its usefulness and of the CIVITAS project in 2011, and 65% in 2012.

The acceptance level showed that many of the respondents who answered that they had heard of the portal have used it to get information or to plan a journey, with an increase from 67% in 2011 to 70% in 2012.

The level of the respondents' satisfaction concerning the easiness they can plan a trip with and the quality of the information offered via this website increased to 41% in 2012 from 33% recorded in 2011.

The number of website visits has been counted beginning with 2010, therefore we were able to calculate the monthly average number of visits, and we noticed an increase by 71% in 2012 compared to 2011, when 506 visits were recorded.



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