Promote the uptake of clean vehicles


This measure aimed to promote electric mobility between fleet operators. With this measure, the electric vehicle (EV) public charging network was expanded to 34 normal and fast stations located in strategic sites for residents and visitors. Awareness raising actions were held to inform about EV solutions and incentive schemes were created to support citizens and companies to acquire light EVs. 

Implementing sustainable mobility

Promotion of e-mobility

The MADEIRA MOVE campaign was developed to promote the use of EVs - it targeted companies and citizens. Several promotional activities took place. An information brochure was created to promote EV, while a campaign for the acquisition of EV was addressed to citizens and companies which included information about e-mobility and special prices for EV acquisition.

Expansion of the e-charging network

AREAM supported the Municipalities and companies in the expansion of e-charging stations for EVs, identifying the problems and the needs. AREAM also supported in the preparation of the municipal regulation for e-charging points and with the development of the Strategy for the Promotion of Electric Mobility in Madeira.

Five public fast e-charging stations and one normal e-charging station were installed by Regional Government. 17 normal e-charging stations were installed by municipalities. 11 normal e-charging stations were installed by private companies for clients to use in shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and the airport, and 18 normal e-charging stations were installed by public organisations in the scope of the national fund Fundo Ambiental.

A green tariff was created for EV parking, which allows hybrid vehicles to have a 50% discount on parking in Funchal and makes parking free for 100% electric.

Incentive schemes for the purchase of EV

To promote EV acquisition in the public sector, AREAM analysed regional government organizations' fleets, assessing the need for fleet renewal and the acquisition of EVs.

AREAM was involved in four incentive schemes. The first was under the Open Call Program of Support to Electric Mobility of the Public Administration, financed by the National Environmental Fund, and AREAM supported organization to apply for the grant.

The other incentive scheme was addressed to Porto Santo Island, the “PRIME-RAM”, created by the Regional Government, to support EV acquisition by citizens and companies - 42 light EV were acquired. In April 2020 it was expanded to Madeira and 174 EV (114 for citizens; 60 for companies) and 16 electric bicycles were acquired.

AREAM launched another campaign for the acquisition of EV for companies and citizens, with support information and special prices offered by EV traders. Beneficiaries could also benefit from the grant PRIME-RAM. An online platform was developed to support the campaign and promote sustainable electric mobility.

Study of electric transport impact on electricity production and use of renewable energy

AREAM conducted a study of EV impact on energy consumption, energy mix (renewables and fuels), CO2 emissions and Madeira's e-charging network and electricity load diagram.

The study will support the utility to prepare and adapt the electric network for the EV increase and to size the investment needed in new RES plants to increase RES in the transport sector.

More information
  • Measure evaluation report (preliminary version)
  • Website for the Campaign of acquisition of EV in Madeira:   
  • Awareness raising brochure for electric mobility – Companies: PDF; Citizens: PDF.
  • Minutes to support the communication of charging station installation in collective housing:
  • Technical Reports:
    • Study on The Impact of Electric Mobility on the Electric Grid of the Autonomous Region of Madeira – read the document


  • Increased number of new EVs - + 496 new EVs, between January 2017 and October 2020.
  • Less energy consumption by new EVs – Avoided 4.200 MWh; about five times less energy than the one consumed by fossil fuel engines, between January 2017 and October 2020.
  • Increased use of RES by new EV- + 566 MWh of RES, between January 2017 and October 2020.
  • Lower emissions and increased air quality – Less 958t CO2, 3,4t CO, 3,2t NOx and 247kg PM, between January 2017 and October 2020.
  • Investment costs - The new EVs acquired reached an investment of € 11.673.743 between January 2017 and October 2020.
  • Saved operating costs of new EVs - 74% of operating costs compared to fossil fuel vehicles.
  • Beneficiary organizations and citizens - 225 organisations and citizens benefited.
  • More attractive tourist destination – More EVs circulating, less noise and pollutant emissions.
  • New EVs in Public Administration - 5 entities have benefited from 23 EVs for four years.
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