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Brescia has worked to increase the number of travellers in the city by developing intermodal activities that promote the use of the Park and Ride (P&R) concept.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The city of Brescia was traditionally considered to have one mode of public transport, i.e. public busses. A new metro line in addition to existing local public transport and the CIVITAS project represented an excellent opportunity to develop a measure to prepare for the implementation of the Park and Ride system in Brescia. This service was considered particularly important for reducing private traffic coming from the suburbs to the city.

Despite transfer parking areas which have not yet been completed and which fall under the city's new infrastructure works, the actions implemented in this measure represent important prerequisites to implementing the actual P&R system.


The P&R solution for Brescia, from a technical perspective, was based on the identification of two kinds of P&R users: regular users and the occasional users. Diverse research activities during the project addressed the needs of these two categories, enabling the development of two separate solutions to manage the special P&R fares. Regular users can use the new contactless integrated Omnibus Card developed under CIVITAS Measure 02.03 titled 'Development and upgrade of e-ticketing system in Brescia'. This card simultaneously handles four different kinds of tickets (LPT, metro, bike sharing, and parking). For occasional users, a special double-sided ticket was developed to support both the LPT and parking, offering special P&R fares in the process.

The measure's activities were concluded after the successful experimental phase involving the double-sided ticket, software and ticket machine in order to apply the special P&R fares.


Key results achieved in the measure include:

  • successful development of a software to manage the P&R system,
  • upgrade of the existing HW platform for P&R in terms of technology development (Omnibus cards, double-face tickets),
  • distribution of more than 7,000 4k MIFARE cards for parking, bike sharing and LPT users,
  • creation of interoperability between public transport services and parking services,
  • testing of a new integrated technology with a double-sided tickets for occasional parking users.

In the near future, the software and hardware of the parking machines, busses and new metro ticket machines will be equipped to read the double-sided tickets as well.

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