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By using e-ticketing technology, passengers in Craiova can plan their trips according to their needs, without incurring additional costs. The bus and tram systems will be integrated under one e-ticketing system and coordinated by a dedicated management centre.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Currently in Craiova traffic management is based on radio frequency emitter-reception data, which make difficult to control and manage public transport. The e-ticketing system is a new conceptual approach and for the first time the city will be able to collect and analyse a large volume of data about passenger profiles, strengthen the collection of money in advance, limit the number fraudulent passengers and optimise the routes. The system will also facilitate the collection of detailed financial data for each public transport mode.

The system is composed of validation devices in buses and trams, automatic machines for ticket and car purchasing / reloading and a management centre. These parts will all be connected through a dedicated communication system. The e-ticketing system will be installed on 80 buses and 27 trams and will be monitored by creating a central dispatch system with data collection and processing and electronic reports. In addition, 30 ticketing automatic machines including 10 automatic machines for paper tickets and recharging cards installed in passenger stations with 20 recharging cards set installed inside of the RAT tickets selling points. The electronic ticketing system will be complimented by video surveillance in buses, trams and stations.


The planning and design phase of the e-ticketing system was linked to that of the city’s public transport security programme as it was clear that a unitary design, procurement and implementation of different electronic systems could be undertaken. The on board control units should be common for the integrated system to ensure the best performance and to provide an up-to-date technological solution. The central system will share the same hardware architecture and integrate the software applications specific to each measure from the three bundle measures.

Following the research activities the e-ticketing system will undergo a testing period in parallel with the classic paper ticket system. Training will be provided for technicians and IT personnel involved its implementation. The system will them be evaluated through data collection and monitoring and there will be various dissemination activities. These include various information seminars focusing on the studies and the implementation results. These results will be promoted to the mass-media.


Craiova expects that the measure will:

  • Increase the capacity of public transport;
  • Attract more users;
  • Improve demand and revenue management;
  • Reduce emissions; and
  • Introduce advanced information and communication technology.


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