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Smart, Sustainable, Connected and Shared mobility
  • ITS-based enhancement of public transport


Iasi will install a video surveillance system (VSS) in 100 public means of transport (36 trams and 64 buses).

Implementing sustainable mobility

The introduction of this system will help to identify the travel fraud and delicts that take place inside public transport vehicles, thus contributing to reduce these problems and increase safety of passengers.

The objective of this measure is to increase the safety of passengers who use public transport in the context of increasing fraud.

Iasi will purchase 400 video cameras and 100 video management and storage system and will install them on the public transport vechicles.


Iasi has installed a video surveillance system (VSS) in 100 public means of transport (36 trams and 64 buses).

Three video cameras were installed inside each vehicle and one in each driver’s cabin (the latter is oriented towards the exterior). They capture images and send them to a video recorder, which is equipped with a storage hard-disk.


Several indicators have been monitored for the evaluation of the measure, some of them by means of surveys. The results are as follows:

- the quality of service indicator increased from 10% in 2011 to 16% in September 2012, which shows a slight increase of the respondents' degree of satisfaction with respect to drivers' and ticket inspectors' behaviour towards passengers

- the increase of the awareness level indicator to 49% in September 2012, 14% more than the percent obtained in 2011, is a consequence of the long period this project has been exposed to citizens of Iasi and also of the large number of articles in the press about this measure;

- the increase of the respondents’ acceptance level by 5% in September 2012 is a sign that part of the interviewed persons think that this measure was a success;

- the number of complaints has decreased from 318 in 2011 to 216 in 2012; the collision number has also reduced, from 151 in 2011 to 144 in 2012;

- the NPV (net present value) has a negative value (-409,276 €), but some of the advantages of the implementation of this video surveillance system could not be monetised, for instance the sense of security experienced by passengers, the improvement of the quality of public transport services, the decrease of the number of crimes committed inside public means of transport as a result of the deterring effect cameras have on potential law breakers.


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