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Basic Information

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LPA 4.2



This measure focuses on promoting e-mobility in Las Palmas. Sagulpa is leading the deployment of an e-charging network in the city.

It is also testing energy efficient vehicles in its own fleet in order to simplify the transition to low/zero-emission vehicles in public company fleets.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Main actions

Installation and promotion of charging points

Six e-charging points have been installed at three different public parking facilities in the city, with one slow and two semi-fast chargers in each of them.

This new infrastructure allows visitors and residents to charge their electric vehicles (EV) while they are shopping, working, sightseeing, etc.

These electric chargers allow e-cars to be recharged up to 7 KWh per each phase and comply with European safety regulations. Moreover, the equipment is monitored so that energy consumption can be tracked at all times.

During the lifetime of CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, the e-charging stations will be free of charge, as the aim is to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in the city.

However, Sagulpa is studying different options to install smart meters to boost the efficiency and availability of the infrastructure.

Since the operational stage began, Sagulpa has carried out several promotional and dissemination campaigns.

For instance, they have:

  • Uploaded promotional videos to social media. For instance, one video explained the right way of using e-chargers.
  • Posted daily on Sagulpa’s social media.
  • Promoted the service at sustainable mobility trade fairs.
  • Collaborated with rental car companies in order to encourage them to include EVs in their fleets and promote the existing fast-charging infrastructure among their clients.

Electric vans

Sagulpa staff are now using three electric vans bought by the company for a variety of activities, e.g. enforcement of the parking management scheme, on-street maintenance, moving around the city etc.


The measure is meeting its main objective – to promote the use of eco-friendly vehicles.

The main results expected from this measure are:

  • Increased customer satisfaction with the quality of mobility services. For instance, Sagulpa’s staff satisfaction with the e-vans is very high.
  • Reduction of noise, emissions and fuel consumption. Sagulpa is saving over 600 €/month on fuel and around 2,500 €/year on maintenance services.
  • Promotion of more sustainable transport modes among tourists and residents.
  • Increase of electric vehicle use. The number of green vehicles has increased by 156% between 2016 and 2018 in the province of Las Palmas. However, the share of green vehicles as part of the total amount of licensed vehicles is still low (less than 1%).
  • Reduction of barriers to EV uptake. The regional government of Gran Canaria (Cabildo de Gran Canaria) committed to installing 17 e-charging points on other municipalities of the island in order to enhance the islands charging network (May 2019). Sagulpa’s e-charging points complement this network.
  • Introduction of new e-mobility technologies.
  • Raise awareness among citizens about the benefits of sustainable mobility and share and communicate sustainable mobility experiences and outcomes with citizens and key local stakeholders. Sagulpa has launched different information and dissemination campaigns to raise awareness about the e-charging stations (social media, YouTube, etc.).
  • Increase awareness among visitors about sustainable mobility options.

For more information:

  • Sagulpa website - here.
  • Gran Canaria charging network website - here.
  • Sagulpa video on e-charging stations - here.


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