Expansion of the public bike sharing system


The goal of this measure was to expand the bike sharing system to offer more options for cycling. To achieve this, the Limassol Tourism Company supported bike sharing and bike rentals through the installation of bike parking facilities (LIM 3.1), a smart phone application (LIM 7.4), promotional campaigns and competitions (LIM 4.3, LIM 6.1) and through LTC’s involvement in acquiring the necessary permits.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Support to bike sharing and bike rental companies

During DESTINATIONS Limassol Tourism Company (LTC) supported cycling and bike sharing by giving incentives to bike sharing and bike rental companies, such as participating in DESTINATIONS’ events to promote their services and adding more bike parking facilities in the region. 

Additionally, LTC supported them to gain the necessary local and national permits, to increase their fleet with conventional bikes and e-bikes and to install additional stations.

In Limassol, the bike sharing system was expanded in cooperation with the main bike sharing company NextBike CY, which increased the number of bike sharing stations to a total of 35 and the number of bikes available in the region to 215 until March 2021, using own funds.

Also, during DESTINATIONS, LTC in collaboration with NextBike CY, added 5 new bike parking facilities  (3 bike sharing stations and 2 free parking facilities installed through DESTINATIONS by LTC - LIM 3.1),  to serve the cycling paths available in the region.  Other bike rental companies have been encouraged to increase the number of bikes in their fleets and add electric bikes for rental to cover the needs and interests of locals.

Also, the e-bike network was expanded reaching 21 e-bikes (not funded by DESTINATIONS).  Bike rental companies attracted a new market segment of people who are interested in using e-bikes. Electric bikes are an excellent option of everyday life and for commuting as well.

Stakeholder engagement

Continuous meetings with NextBike CY, Cyprus Cycling Federation, the Council for the promotion of Cycling and Cycling Clubs to discuss, exchange ideas and suggestions regarding improvements of cycling infrastructure and the new bike sharing schemes. Additionally, municipalities gave the necessary permits for the installation of new bike sharing stations.


  • Achieved fuel costs savings – 14.046 € saved during June 2020.
  • Decreased CO2 emissions - 108,4 tons of CO2 were saved during June 2020.
  • Decreased traffic noise
  • Achieved fuel consumption savings - 11.328 litres were saved during June 2020.
  • Increase in the number of conventional and electric bikes - 195 new conventional and 11 new e-bikes added during July 2019.
  • Awareness of residents and tourists about the bike sharing system - 80% were aware of the bike sharing system canvassed between July 2019 and February 2020.
  • Tourist and residents acceptance of the bike sharing system - 83,8% of those using the bike sharing system between July 2019 and February 2020.
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