Collecting and Managing Data to Support Travel Information


Aberdeen City Council has developed a smart journey website to inform road users of real-time information, including proposed, current, and emergency road works or incidents that could cause disruption to the road network.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The platform provides links for users to report issues and sign up for alerts by email.

However, current data gathering is limited and sporadic. Although there is limited information on journey times for some modes, there is little in the way of routing and options for travel.

With the emergence of smart phone technology, it is now possible to send real-time journey information straight to users' devices. To make this a reality in Aberdeen, a network of data gathering devices will be established throughout the city region.

Using ANPR/Bluetooth technology, this will build a baseline picture of journeys into and around the city region, enabling journey information related to all modes to be processed and delivered to users.

So that journey planning for all modes can be integrated into a single interface, a journey planning facility will be created using live and historic traffic data.

Developing a smartphone application will enable the dissemination of information currently stored on the smart journey website, along with other traffic data, such as journey times for all modes, car park guidance, variable message displays, and air quality information.


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