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Currently there are no systems tracking public transport vehicles in Iasi. An Automatic Vehicle Location system will provide a better basis for the monitoring and planning of public transport.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The main objective of this measure is to build a common platform for integrated monitoring and passenger information services. By gathering relevant information from drivers and operators attitudes towards the system, the measure can improve the quality and reliability of the transport services which will lead to better acceptance and usage of these services by citizens. As part of this measure a GPS traffic management system has been introduced. The system has been set up to track public transport vehicles, and this information has been used to prioritise and optimise Public Transport, making it more attractive to users.


The GPS Monitoring System was implemented. Each of 100 vehicles has been equipped with GPS satellite positioning module, GSM module for communication with the main control centre, antennas and accessories.
Maintenance Facility Centre was implemented. Each Centre has been equipped with management, recording and storage systems.
Modules for Management of Incidents and Specific Equipment was implemented. The Incident Management Module was integrated with the toll free telephone line, and it manages all existing and new events occurring during the operations of the Traffic Management System so as to achieve the following major features.


A survey was carried out for evaluating the outcomes of this measure, which are as follows:

- the quality of service indicator raised from 26% in 2011 to 35% in September 2012, which shows an increase in respondents’ satisfaction about the results of the measure

- the awareness level indicator increased by 8% among the interviewees who had heard of the project and of this measure: from 30% in 2011 to 38% in September 2012

- the analysis of the acceptance level indicator shows a slight increase of the percent of persons interviewed who think that public transport services have improved as a result of the GPS tracking system and of the incident management system: from 6% in 2011 to 10% in September 2012

- the accuracy of timekeeping indicator, which has been determined using the GPS tracking system, shows an increase of the number of public means of transport which stick to the timetable: up to 92%, 4% more than in 2011

- the cost-benefit analysis has recorded a positive net present value (NPV = 6,290,299 €) because operating costs have decreased, and mostly because this measure has led to the improvement of the accuracy of timekeeping indicator (arrivals on time) by 4%.


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