Urban cycling – How to integrate cycling into sustainable urban transport systems

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Invitation: Webinar on Urban cycling – A smart move! How to integrate cycling into sustainable urban transport systems





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Integrated & inclusive planning
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This webinar will discuss the opportunities and the challenges of urban cycling, such as current approaches on the sustainable implementation of cycling infrastructure and related policy development for urban stakeholders and the future of station based and free-floating bike sharing.

Mr. Daizong Liu, from the World Resources Institute (WRI), will talk about how “Bikes make cities thrive again” and

Mr. Pablo Celis, from the Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark, one of the cycling-friendliest nations in the world, will tell the story of “The rise of a cycling city”.  

Mr. Sebastian Ibold, from GIZ China, will moderate the presentations and discussions.


The planned schedule is as follows:

1. Welcome and introduction (10 minutes)

Moderator: Mr. Sebastian Ibold (GIZ China)

2. Input presentation (20 minutes)

"Bikes makes cities thrive again“

Speaker: Mr. Daizong Liu (World Resources Institute WRI) – 20 minutes presentation

3. Input presentation (20 minutes)

"The rise of a cycling city“

Speaker: Mr. Pablo Celis (Municipality of Aarhus) – 20 minutes presentation

4. Interactive discussion with the audience (30 minutes)


Target Audience

GIZ Transport & Environment (T&E) Working Group Members and other interested “sustainable transport”, “urban” and “climate“ colleagues from GIZ, as well as collaborators and partners from the development community.

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Sustainable Urbam Transport Projects

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