Resilient planning for Sustainable Urban Logistics – ULaaDS workshop


Increasing resilience in our cities means making sure that our cities can deal with unforeseen circumstances. In the case of transport systems, we need to find ways to equip them with tools to face future crises that might arise from climate change, geopolitical tensions or other disruptions.

Planning the unplannable and dealing with uncertainties must become a key focus of decision-making processes, together with new adaptive planning methods that allow cities to promptly respond and re-adapt to mutating circumstances. 

In this workshop, we will explore how cities are dealing with uncertainties in the context of Sustainable Urban Logistics Planning (SULP) and how they can make urban logistics more resilient.

INPUT NEEDED 👉  We need your insights to make this workshop as interactive as possible. We have created a short survey to collect your input ahead of the workshop, the results will be presented and discussed on the 9th of June. Click here to fill in the survey.

This workshop has been co-organised by ULaaDS partners Eurocities, Bax & Company and the University of Groningen as part of the 2021 Eurocities Mobility Forum. 

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Author: Arianna Americo

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