Shkodra (Albania)

The City of Shkodra lies in northwestern Albania close to the border with Montenegro. It is the seat of the Shkodra Country. With 88,800 inhabitants, Shkodra is Albania’s oldest settlement, the location of a university and is also a major economic and cultural centre.

Currently there is no data on Shkodra’s modal split, and negligible data is available concerning its mobility strategy or plan.
Shkodra has made notable progress in sustainable urban development, including in its transport system. The city’s built environment is dominated by socialist era architecture, but the streetscape is changing as buildings are reconstructed and repainted and public places are redesigned. As a former military barracks are now hidden by new plantings in an adjacent or used by children as playgrounds, this once gray city is becoming a more colorful multicultural centre.
In terms of transport, giving greater place to pedestrians is a main priority. Riverside promenades and new public fountains are popular for their cooling influence in summer. As the number of cars has increased drastically in the last decade, the city administration seeks to curb car use and offer practical alternatives.


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