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SUITS: Urban Traffic Monitoring with Crowdsourcing
SUITS: Urban Traffic Monitoring with Crowdsourcing

Application Area

  • Data gathering

Tool Type

  • Software

Target Audience

  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions
  • Other


SUITS Crowd sourcing Model for Local Authorities - Integrating Citizen Mobility data & Logistics data

On the basis of existing tools SUITS is providing resource-light, reliable means to use real time, open data or more targeted methods for gathering freight and citizen information, which can improve the inclusivity of urban mobility plans.  The main aim is to support mobility transformation through the gathering and processing of origin-to-destination information on citizen and freight movements from which integrated transport planning can take place.

Different data collection and analysis methods are analysed to identify current shortcomings and gaps and to explore opportunities for greater integration of passenger and freight traffic information and the representation of “hard to reach” groups e.g. elderly, disabled, women, parents with children, low income and communication impaired and those who make complex journeys.

A demo tool of alternative and innovative data gathering schemes will be tested in the cities of Turin and Kalamaria and Guidelines for the implementation of measures in a diagnosis-solutions-expected KPI values approach will be produced.

The SUITS project will develop and make available to local authorities of small and medium sized cities and to other stakeholders a set of tools that will enhance their capacity to design and implement sustainable transport measures.  


Good Example

Urban Mobility Tracking Pilot in Kalamaria (Greece)Information about the Pilot


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