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SMART SURVEY: Easy and accurate travel surveys with smartphones
SMART SURVEY: Easy and accurate travel surveys with smartphones

Application Area

  • Data gathering
  • Analysis, scenarios and measure selection
  • Appraisal and assessment
  • Evaluation and monitoring

Tool Type

  • Method / Approach
  • Mobile app
  • Software

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions
  • Other


SMART SURVEY is the complete, out-of-the-box solution for mobility surveys via smartphone app and web service.

It yields high-precision, multimodal mobility data for traffic planning, mobility research, cities and communities. The SMART SURVEY App automatically tracks the routes travelled with the selected means of transport and stores them in a digital mobility diary.

The only things required to conduct a mobility survey with SMART SURVEY are the access data for the participants and a web browser with internet connection in order to analyse and use the gathered data.

Participants register anonymously with SMART SURVEY, and only the institution conducting the mobility survey has the contact details.

The mobility survey’s progress can be tracked and monitored live via a web interface. Proven statistics on participant mobility are compiled in real time without additional software.

The data can be exported for further processing, using standard planning software, at the push of a button. Meaningful and up-to-date reports on mobility are available to both participants and researchers.

Traditional mobility surveys can hardly achieve the required data quality with regard to distance travelled, means of transport and trip purpose, even with considerable effort and costs.

Good Example

  • Vienna, Austria - Empirical investigation on multimodality in Vienna 2016
  • Tbilisi, Georgia – Smart Urban Transport Planning And Management in Mai-June 2017
  • Smart Journey - Austrian pilot study in summer/fall 2017 in Styria and Carinthia
  • SMART SURVEY has been applied in various national and international research studies for collecting comprehensive data on individual mobility patterns.

Input Data

To enhance the quality multimodal network graph (optional) and time schedules of public transport (optional) can be processed

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Basic Information

English, German
June 2018
Usage by customers based on license model and within cooperative projects. Pricing information on request (depending on duration of survey and number of participants).
Depending on survey size. Typically, the set-up takes a few days for a survey with a few hundred participants.
Trainings for support staff recommended


AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

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