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Reaching the Citizen: Toolkit on effective communications and marketing
Reaching the Citizen: Toolkit on effective communications and marketing

Application Area

  • Dissemination and communication

Tool Type

  • Guidance document / Manual

Target Audience

  • Other


This toolkit provides guidelines on communication with citizens about sustainable urban mobility options.

Reaching citizens effectively requires specific approaches. Communicating directly and indirectly with them through various means helps ensure the success of sustainable urban measures, while demonstrating transparency and willingness to engage citizens in dialogue and involve them. This in turn can help public authorities achieve more effective policy and progress.

The information and advice contained in this toolkit is designed to assist local, regional and national authorities with various communication considerations. The toolkit contains materials that help to create a strategic communications plan, organise events and develop and distribute traditional and online media materials. It also provides general advice on reaching consumers directly, including the use of branding and promotional products.+

The toolkit comprises 10 core sections:

  • Communicating effectively with citizens;
  • Forming effective messages;
  • Analysing and creating brands;
  • Using promotional products;
  • Organising successful events;
  • Working with the media;
  • Maximising media relations: making news;
  • Essential tools for citizen communications;
  • Using social media/web 2.0;
  • Working with external bodies.

Good Example

All CIVITAS Plus projects had received training on the basis of this manual.

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June 2011
Free of charge



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