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Méthodologie PDU - Guidelines for the French SUMP "PDU"
Méthodologie PDU - Guidelines for the French SUMP "PDU"

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  • Dissemination and communication

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  • Guidance document / Manual
  • Indicator set
  • Method / Approach

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The French SUMP concept, called PDU (plan de déplacements urbains) was introduced in 1982, and made mandatory for large cities (over 100,000 inhabitants) in 1996.

As a support measure, the French Ministry for Transport has since continuously financed Cerema (previously named "Certu") to elaborate appropriate methodologies and to identify and promote best practices related to PDU in all its thematic dimensions.

Guidelines are provided in French, some of them also translated in other languages.

The following references are a selection of recent documents in English, available online at:


  • CERTU (2013). Mobility and transport: focus on - sheets N° 27 - 30 years of sustainable urban mobility plans (PDU) in France  (Link).
  • CERTU (2012). Mobility and transports Tools and Methods n°1 PDU : the French urban mobility plan Integrating transport policies Mobility and transports: Tools & Methods (CERTU) (Link).

Evaluation – Monitoring

  • CEREMA (2012). Mobility and transports - Local practices : Sheet n° 2 Assessing SUMPs : converging approaches for a complex reality. (Link).


  • Cerema (2015). Mobility and transports, Local practices, Sheet n° 3 - Involving citizens in the SUMP process. Challenges and recent trends in French PDUs (Link).

Urbanism and mobility

  • Cerema (2015). Integrating urban planning and transport: French “contrats d’axe” in the light of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) (Link).

Good Example

The methodology is largely disseminated in France. The corpus defines the framework for mobility planning used by local authorities.

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