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Cargo Bike Sharing Plattform -
Cargo Bike Sharing Plattform -

Application Area

  • Exploitation and business plans
  • Other

Tool Type

  • Software

Target Audience

  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions

Summary is user-friendly sharing platform for cargo bikes. It can be used free of charge.

The platform has the following main functions:

  • user registration (only registered users can reserve cargo bikes)
  • easy creation and editing of information on cargo bikes provided for sharing (including pictures)
  • display of available cargo bikes on front page
  • cargo bike search via map or filter function

Administration and management of shared cargo bikes is made easy by the following functions:

  • define and edit rental periods easily
  • share your cargo bike(s) with all registered users or only with a selected group of users
  • embed shared cargo bike(s) of your initiative on your website
  • chat for direct communication between providers and users
  • automated e-mail notification
  • provide your terms of use for download

We are happy to collaborate for further enhancement of the platform.

Good Example is used by several cargo bike sharing initiatives in Austria

Input Data

Data on cargo bikes to be shared

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Basic Information

June 2019
a few minutes


quadratic GmbH

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