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Bike Citizens - Bike To Work
Bike Citizens - Bike To Work

Application Area

  • Data gathering
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Dissemination and communication

Tool Type

  • Mobile app
  • Serious game
  • Software

Target Audience

  • Rural areas
  • Small cities
  • Medium-sized cities
  • Large cities
  • Metropolitan regions


Bike To Work is a customizable campaign feature that can be integrated into the Bike Citizens app, allowing any scale of implementation, from one company to country wide. Participants can create a team, track their rides and invite colleagues to join. Teams can take part in standard challenges and win prizes in raffles.

A one-stop backend enables full control of the campaign administration and makes it easy to manage all aspects of the initiative. The integration of a newsletter allows the system administrator to reach out to participants and motivate them by raffles and rewards. Also, the campaign manager can set the requirements for the raffle participation.

Furthermore, the backend features a survey tool that allows administrators to generate in-app questionnaires for the participants. A web iframe integration displays the campaign statistics on any website the administrator chooses. Optionally, the current status can be shown live on a display, e.g. at a company entrance, conference hall, etc.

Good Example

„Österreich Radelt Zur Arbeit“ (RZA), the Austrian wide bike to work campaign, was integrated into the Bike Citizens app in 2017. Participants of RZA can track their bike rides to and from work easily and take part in raffles if they achieve a 50% bicycle share to work. A daily bike lottery managed by the raffle tool creates additional motivation.

Input Data

Bike Citizens account to participate as a user. Only self-generated data is used. BC does not buy or sell data.

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Basic Information

English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish
March 2017
30,000 – 100,000 EUR depending on implementation scale, duration, number of participants, and branding level. This includes all in-app and web-developments, project management and communication strategy and material for internal and extern communication
Minimum 8 weeks preparations before campaign start regardless of scale. 10+ weeks for implementations that require further adaptations or special branding.
Bike Citizens Team (system admin).


Bike Citizens / Bike City Guide / Simone Feigl / Bike To Work
0043 660 3944 750

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