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Assessing options for more efficient road pavement markings
Assessing options for more efficient road pavement markings

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Municipalities usually maintain road surface markings through the combined use of their internal staff and outside contractors. The evaluation of the work of external contractors is often done only in a qualitative manner; this does not allow the assessment of whether the budget allocated for road surface markings is spent properly.

This tool helps to verify and judge the quality of road surface markings by means of a scientific and experimental approach. This approach – based on the measurement procedures defined by the European standard EN 1436 – considers many parameters affecting the quality of road surface markings, such as texture and condition of road surface, traffic flow, weather conditions, road lighting.

The definition of two new synthetic indicators, CIS-Q (CIVITAS Indicator for Stripes – Quality) and CIS-C (CIVITAS Indicator for Stripes – Cost) makes it possible to rate the global efficiency in terms of technical performance and cost of the management system of road surface markings of a municipality’s road network.

Good Example

Two full experimental campaigns were performed in Perugia (Italy) and one in Bath (UK), allowing the refinement of the algorithms and the development of a robust procedure. The method was also applied twice under the CIVITAS CAPITAL Activity Fund.

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English, Italian
January 2012
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CIRIAF (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sull'Inquinamento e sull’Ambiente), an Interuniversity Research Centre based at the University of Perugia

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