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3D visualization for communication of data
3D visualization for communication of data

Application Area

  • Dissemination and communication

Tool Type

  • Mobile app

Target Audience

  • Metropolitan regions


Add custom 3D visualisations to a web or mobile map by using Mapbox fill-extrusion layer type and specifying the height and base height of a polygon feature.

For example, you can now easily render 3D buildings, or use the extrusion feature to represent other data (e.g. population density across your city's downtown) when used with data-driven styling and the recent addition of building heights to Mapbox Streets map style.

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Good Example

Melbourne shows planned, under construction and completed development activity in this 3D model of the city: Population density in the U.S. using a population dataset, visualized through extrusions.

Input Data

Depends on property to be extruded; i.e. building height data, population density etc.

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Basic Information

June 2017
Free of charge, depending on usage of final web application.
Expert knowledge of javascript needed.
Expert knowledge required


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