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Public bicycles / bicycle sharing

Bikes for all

In order to reduce motorised traffic, people will have to adopt a less car-dependent lifestyle.To facilitate this shift in mentality, cities should promote new forms of use and ownership of transport means.

With a focus on Car-independent Lifestyles, CIVITAS cities worked on car-sharing, carpooling; and public bicycles/bicycle sharing. This highlight offers insights on the last of these subcategories.

In line with world-wide trends, there has been a major increase in the number of public bicycles and bike-sharing systems within the CIVITAS demonstration cities since 2008.Since the very first public “white bikes” in Amsterdam, there has been a massive evolutionin technology to make bike-sharing systems both easy to use and theft resistant. Throughout the world, it has been shown that bike-sharing systems can kick start a cycling culture in cities where cycling was previously a curiosity or leisure activity. Such systems offer anew way to cycle in the city and encourage citizens to make more use of their own bikes.

CIVITAS explores innovative ways to break the car habit, such as bike sharing, and promotes the sharing of successful strategies among cities. Therefore, theCIVITAS Initiative has realised 16 public bicycles and bicycle sharing measures in 14 different cities from 2002 to 2012. Read the CIVITAS highlight to learn about some of the most successfuland eye-catching among these to inspire other European cities.