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Parking management/pricing

Making parking precious

Local traffic levels can be reduced by implementing demand management strategies based upon economic incentives and regulatory measures including smart parking strategies. In the field of demand management strategies, CIVITAS cities worked on access management; road pricing; walking and cycling enhancements; and parking strategies. This highlight offers insights on the last subcategory.

Parking management involves innovations in design, communications and enforcement. Differentiated pricing schemes for parking are an effective means to reduce congestion and pollutant emissions in an urban context. Parking is a complex and sensitive issue.

Parking measures should be based on thorough analysis of parking data and facilities. Tariffs should carefully be differentiated across target areas and user groups. As all parking projects need political and legal approval, it is wise to hold working groups and stakeholder meetings to put this issue on the agenda.

CIVITAS fosters experimentation in demand management measures with a view to spreading lessons learned among cities. The CIVITAS cities realised 26 innovative measures on parking management in 22 different cities from 2002 to 2012. Read the CIVITAS highlight on parking to learn about some of the most successful and eye-catching among these to inspire other European cities.