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ITS-based enhancement of public transport

Upgrades for public transport

Public transport can be made faster, more efficient and more passenger friendly byenhancing the use of innovative transport telematics systems for traffic management andtraveller support.

In the field of transport telematics CIVITAS cities have worked on ITS for traffic monitoring, management and enforcement; real-time road-user information; and ITS-based enhancementof public transport. This highlight focuses on the last of these.

ITS enhancements of public transport include fleet management systems based onautomatic vehicle location technologies, which can be used to improve services, to optimise routing and scheduling, and to feed real-time information into various passenger information channels. This subtheme also encompasses intelligent traffic lights and priority schemes for buses and trams.

By implementing such measures, public transport becomes more convenient, comfortable, accessible and understandable for everyone. The number of passengers who use public transport should increase and disadvantaged people can be made to feel less excluded from society.

For these reasons, the CIVITAS Initiative has realised 51 innovative ITS measures for public transport in 30 cities from 2002 to 2012. Read the CIVITAS highlight to learn about some of the most successful and eye-catching among these to inspire other European cities.