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Mobility Measure

Curbing High Polluting vehicles from the road

Low Emission Zones shall be tested to assess the feasibility and potential effectiveness of the concept within the local context. 

Implementing sustainable mobility

An App will be developed allowing the public to report high-polluting vehicles and replace the current reporting system which is manual and inefficient. The new fully-automated system will call these reported vehicles for testing and will then either be ordered to be sent for maintenance or scrap depending on the state of the vehicle.



The following are the objectives which the app curbing high polluting vehicles from the road aims to achieve:

1. Improve the quality of life of residents and visitors;

2. Reduce transport related emissions;

3. Encourage sustainable transport behaviour;

4. Involve the public in curbing high-emission vehicles;

5. Reduce high-polluting vehicles from the road and encourage a modal shift towards public transport;


How will this be achieved?

An App will be developed by the University of Malta which will replace the current system where highly-polluting vehicles are being reported to the regulating Authority by an sms. These messages are then filtered and once three reports are received, the vehicle owner is called for testing. The inefficiency of this system has led to the public loosing trust in it. By redesigning the system and reducing the manual input, the efficiency should be increased and the public is expected to be willing to engage again in effectively reducing pollution from the roads.

How did the measure progress?

The developer embarked on a stakeholder consultation with the various directorates within Transport Malta. This served as a gap-analysis where the needs of the new app were identified. The outcome of these one-to-one meetings will form the specifications for the app.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

This action will strive to encourage sustainable transport behaviour and contribute towards the reduction of high-polluting vehicles within the region where both the residents and the tourists visiting the region will benefit.

Basic Information

MAL 6.2
December 2016

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