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Living Lab - Klaipeda

The port of Klaipeda is a major ice-free port on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is the most important Lithuanian transportation hub which connects sea, land and railway routes from East to West. Klaipeda is a necessary strategic and economic asset. Klaipeda has superior road, rail and sea links to Latvia, Kaliningrad region (Russian Federation), Scandinavia and Central Europe.

City Factfile

City area98 km²
Population154 326 inhabitants  
Population density1 574.8 inhabitants/km2

Marine west coast climate

Mild climate with no dry season and

warm summers

Gender balance55 % female/ 45% male 
Average life expectancy75.34
Car ownership rate5337 cars/1,000 inhabitants
Accident rate

~200 accidents/per year

Klaipeda Today

Modal Share




Cycling - 3%
Walking - 31%
Public transport - 30%
Car - 36%






Improvement of transport system

The transport system will be improved by adopting best practices and exchanging information in planning and policy making.

Better understanding of transport flows in the city

A better understanding of transport flows in the city will enable executors to comprehend how the changes in infrastructure or transport management can influence these flows.

Promotion of alternative and active transport modes

The conventional transport system will be improved by introducing a bike sharing system.

Improvement of knowledge in freight transportation system

A wider and deeper knowledge of freight transportation system will enable executors to comprehend its flows and their impact on the environment.



Transport Infrastructure

Car network

Car ownership rate: 337 cars/1,000 inhabitants.

Klaipeda is an important strategic and economic point. Growth of freight transport requires planning awareness to ensure that it develops in a sustainable way.


Cycling network

The cycling network length currently stands at around 108 km.


Public transport network

Klaipeda has 46 bus routes operating in city. In 2015, the number of total public transport passenger trips was 34515293 /per year.



Klaipeda after PORTIS

  • Number of port employees will increase by 15,5%;
    • Number of total employment in city will increase by 4,7%;
    • Unemployment rate in city will decrease by 27,3%;
    • New jobs created resulting from docks redevelopment (expected number: 100);
    • New businesses attracted by reason of port redevelopment (expected number: 15);
    • Number of city-port commuters by car will decrease by 4%;
    • Travel time will decrease by 15%;
    • Modal share of PT users will increase by 6,9%;
    • Modal share of cycling will increase by 53,8%;
    • Modal share of walking will increase by 2,9%;
    • Modal share of other mobility in Klaipeda city (including cars) will decrease by 8,3%.
    • Increase in cooperation with the national ministry who manage the port as a strategic asset.


    Milda Milbutaite
    Local Dissemination Manager

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