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ITF releases guidelines on reversing car dependency

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Monday, March 15, 2021 - 10:31

The International Transport Forum (ITF) recently released a new report called “Reversing Car Dependency”.

The document contains guidance for local and national governments on how to encourage people to leave their cars at home and use more sustainable transport modes, regardless of how they are powered or who drives them.

The report analyses different policies and instruments for managing urban traffic. It also examines international examples in coordinating transport planning with land-use development and in allocating space to walking and cycling in order to improve quality of life, while cutting down on the environmental and social costs linked with car use.

ITF maintains that “the emergence of shared micromobility has increased demands for redistributing space” and that “expanding dedicated cycling lanes to accommodate e-scooters, e-bikes and similar micro-vehicles will do much to make these safer, and also perceived as safe, thus making micromobility a much more attractive alternative to cars.” This message complements the ideas already presented in a previous ITF report on “Safe Micromobility” published in February 2020.

ITF highlights in its new report a series of recommendations to reverse car dependency:

  • Review the share of street space and urban land that is allocated to cars.
  • Use road space allocation to proactively manage traffic.
  • Abolish minimum parking space requirements for new developments.
  • Consider road pricing to ensure a more efficient use of scarce road space and urban land.
  • Use parking rates to discourage excessive driving.
  • End employer-paid parking subsidies.
  • Ensure that quality alternatives to private cars are convenient and efficient.
  • Work towards the integrated planning of transport and land-use.
  • Review land-use regulations that hinder compact development patterns.

The full report can be downloaded here.

This is an adaptation of an article originally found on Eltis.

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