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SLoCaT recruiting national focal points for flagship climate change and transport report

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Thursday, October 24, 2019 - 12:56

The SLoCaT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport is lead on the Transport and Climate Change Global Status Report (TCC-GSR), a flagship report on climate change and transport.

The first TCC-GSR 2018 covered various data sets (e.g. passenger and freight volumes, CO2 emissions by transport, future projections and various data sets to support measurement of progress on sustainable transport) and had over 180 policies from 70 countries.

Findings of the report were presented at major international conferences, including COP 24 and Transforming Transportation.

SLoCaT is now ramping up preparations for the TCC-GSR 2020, which is intended to include more data and more policies. To gather these, SLoCaT is establishing a global network of national focal points of the TCC-GSR.

The national focal points are local or regional experts that volunteer to provide information about a certain country or region (e.g. walking and cycling in Ethiopia, e-mobility in Latin America etc.).

Don’t miss out the opportunity to contribute to the TCC-GSR and offer your expert knowledge on sustainable, low carbon transport.

Your contribution will be recognised in the acknowledgement section of the next TCC-GSR.

In addition, you will be informed about the progress of the TCC-GSR (development, peer-review, webinars, events etc.) and have opportunities to engage in sustainable transport events in your region or country.

Register as a national focal point here and click here for more information. Recruitment is ongoing with major activities being conducted in early 2020.

If you have questions, please contact the TCC-GSR team -

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